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Jim Fagan

Emmy-winning, MFA trained Director, Award-Winning Producer, Published and produced Writer (WGA).

I was a Supervising Producer and director of original digital programming for Comedy Central, on the team responsible for a 72% growth in content and over 14 Billion minutes watched, including the most viewed viral video by any network in 2019. I'm a team leader and intuitive creator who helps manage the Comedy Central Creators Program, where 5 rising comedians work in house for a year to gain network exposure and develop their brand and voice. With this program, I have developed, directed, and launched dozens of shows for Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. Outside of my daily job responsibilities, I continue to work as an independent filmmaker, WGA guild writer, and theater artist.

I have 10+ years of production experience, including an Emmy win for my role as assistant director on "Sweeny Todd" on PBS (starring Emma Thompson), building the digital and social media campaign for 128 episodes of The Opposition on Comedy Central, development writing on the team responsible for the 90 Day Fiance franchise, directing and producing the world's first superhero mockumentary, "Zero Issue," getting my MFA in directing (and using it! I'm a nationally produced published playwright and have off-Broadway and Broadway experience), and leading integrated marketing campaings (McDonald's, Frito Lays, Prevacid). I've produced and launched primetime network television pilots and series with PBS, ABC, AMC, SONY, SCIENCE, MTV, and Comedy Central, and I have 6 combined years of nonprofit work with Live From Lincoln Center and Boston's SpeakEasy Stage Company.

As head of The Opposition's digital team, writing and directing for Jordan Klepper was an absolute joy. Some of those moments made the main broadcast on Comedy Central, but my favorite was the creation of "This Can't Wait," our digital series that allowed Jordan to respond with his take to breaking news the moment it happened. Our takedown of the NRA after the Parkland shooting went viral on Facebook, twitter, and IG, and allowed us to productively add to the conversation at a time that felt so helpless.

Skills/Expertise: Editing (Adobe Premier, After Effects), Improvisational Comedy (mainstage performer ImprovBoston), collaboration, cameras and lighting, guitars and diaper changing.









Special Class


Best Play




Emmy Awards, 2015

Winner, Outstanding Special Class Program

Nominee, Best Actress (Emma Thompson)

Nominee, Outstanding Musical Direction

Assistant Director

Geekfest, Toronto 2021

Winner, Zero Issue best Mockumentary, Best Special Effects

Director/Producer/Story By

LA Webfest 2018

Winner, Stop the Bleeding, Best Comedy


ITV FEST, 2016

Winner, Cooking for One with the Crying Chef


Manhattan Theater Fest 2015

Winner, Audience Participation, Best Play


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